Reported by Wong Zi Ying

On 31 January 2023, Messrs Richard Wee Chambers (“RWC”) was invited by the Sekretariat Industri Sukan to attend a townhall programme with the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh together with chief executives and sports industry players. The townhall was held at the Multipurpose Hall, Podium A, Menara KBS Putrajaya. Our Partner, Mr Darren Lai, and two of our Associates, Ms Fatin Ismail and Ms Wong Zi Ying attended the event on behalf of RWC.

During the townhall, several issues and problems were addressed by the sport industry stakeholders namely: –

1. The grant or loans for the sports companies

The sports industry stakeholders hope that more grants or affordable loans will be made available to private sports companies to organise sports events that will in turn boost the country’s tourism and economy.

2. Exemption of tax for sports-related corporations

Sports industry stakeholders hope that the Ministry of Youth and Sports consider either lowering the tax rate payable by the company, under a specific rate in accordance to the nature of business, related to sports, or giving tax exemptions to sports-related corporations.

3. Utility and rental charges for sports facilities

Sports industry stakeholders also raised their concerns regarding the high utility and rental charges that sports event organisers have to bear when organising a sports event that benefits the community.

4. Business license for gym operators

Gym operators requested the Ministry of Youth and Sports to look into the issue of the exorbitant licensing fees that are being imposed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

5. The transparency of sanctions in sports events

The sanction fee of each sports association is inconsistent and has caused confusion amongst sports event companies. There is no transparency in the imposition of sanction fees for sports event organisers. Upon the collection of the sanction fee, there is virtually no assistance provided by the relevant sports association to the sports event company.


At the end of the townhall, YB Hannah Yeoh provided feedback and solutions to the sports industry stakeholders: –

  1. Ministry of Youth and Sports will organise a monthly event starting in February 2023 whereby all the relevant authorities will be in attendance and respond to the queries that the stakeholders have.
  2. Ministry of Youth and Sports will set up an open data and info platform on the website whereby the list of sports facilities and infrastructure, vendors and suppliers will be put up for the public.
  3. Ministry of Youth and Sports will discuss with the Ministry of Finance to provide more allocation and/or budget for the sports event.
  4. Ministry of Youth and Sports will organise more sports expos for the sports industry players to allow them to engage with the public and gain more exposure
  5. Ministry of Youth and Sports will launch a free swimming lesson for the B40 community and extend the operating hours of the public swimming pool.
  6. Ministry Youth and Sports will organise Zumba sessions and boot camp programmes around Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR).
  7. All sports industry stakeholders shall pledge and abide by the Safe Sports Code in order to work and/or partner with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in any sports event.

The townhall session ended at 11:30 am.


Published on 17 February 2023

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