Over the years, the lawyers of RWC have collectively or individually been engaged to handle government-related  work, corporate deals, litigation cases and property transactions.

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Government-related work

Having worked with Government Agencies and Government Statutory Bodies, we have the experience to handle government regulatory work. Amongst the recent work we have been engaged in are:-

  • Appointed by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as the legal and regulatory partner for the Fintech Booster programme, a capacity-building project to assist budding Fintech Start-ups.
  • Advising government agencies on matters related to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
  • Advising, drafting and managing government policy papers for government agencies.
  • Advising and drafting by-laws for government statutory agencies.
  • Assisting the Federal Government (on pro-bono basis) to offer advice and comments on the blueprint for esports in Malaysia.
  • Drafting enactments for Stadium management.
  • Drafting rules and regulations for esports for a State Government.
  • Assist a State Government to form a special esports Tribunal, based on the model of the Court of Arbitration of Sports at Lausanne.
  • The re-naming of Putra Stadium to the Axiata Arena Stadium at Kuala Lumpur Sports City for the Stadium Board of Malaysia.
  • Co-branding and sponsorship of international and local brands for selected locations and sections at the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil, for the Stadium Board of Malaysia.
  • Corporatisation of the National Sports Institute.
  • Licensing and joint venture agreements for trademarks belonging to a Government Statutory body.
  • Revamp and redrafting of the High Performance Elite Athlete’s Contracts for Malaysia’s Podium Programme.

Corporate transactions

Other than government-related work, we have been engaged in numerous corporate matters, which includes:-

  • Advising and acting for a licensed online insurance fintech company.
  • Advising and acting for a fintech blockchain company.
  • Advising and acting for cryptocurrencies and fintech start-ups.
  • Joint venture agreement between a waste management provider from Finland with a Malaysian partner.
  • Drafting of contracts to purchase licencing rights for waste management apparatus from South Korea.
  • Corporate advisory to establish a company in Malaysia, by foreign entities and/or companies.
  • Contracts and advisory for professional esports teams, tournaments and Associations.
  • Formation of the Malaysia Esports Players Association (MESPA).
  • Formation of numerous other Societies, Associations & Clubs.
  • Advisory, contracts and government regulations towards establishing a Sports University.
  • Advisory, contracts and government regulations for a proposed cargo airport in Malaysia.
  • Takeover of a Malaysian deep sea fishing company at Sandakan, by a South Korean enterprise.
  • Buy-over and merger of an airfreight company and logistics company.

Reported & unreported litigation cases

Our lawyers appear in numerous tribunals, including Arbitration, Mediation, Housing Tribunal, Industrial Court, Labour Court & tribunals for sports. We also appear in Courts on a weekly basis and have had cases reported in a few notable journals and law reports.

Here are some of the notable cases :-

  • Muslifah bt Zulkifli dan lain-lain lwn Institut Sukan Negara [2020] MLJU 2329
  • Muslifah binti Zulkifli, Nur Suryani binti Mohd Taibi, & Nur Ayuni Farhana Binti Abdul Halim v Institut Sukan Negara [2018]
  • Bina Puri Sdn Bhd v Jambulingam Sethuraman-Raki (c/o Rimbun Corporate Advisory Sdn Bhd) [2012] MLJU 423 (High Court)
  • Bina Puri Sdn Bhd v Jambulingam Sethuraman-Raki (c/o Rimbun Corporate Advisory Sdn Bhd) [2012] 8 MLJ 141, [2011] MLJU 933 (High Court)
  • Solicitor for the Bar Council at the Royal Commission of Inquiry 2011, investigating into the death of Teoh Beng Hock
  • Death Inquest of Teoh Beng Hock [Inquest No: 88-10-2009] (Magistrate Court)
  • Wan Othman bin Wan Ismail v Malene CSB Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd [2010] 7 MLJ 425 / [2009] 1 LNS 1351 (High Court)
  • NSW Submarine Cable Systems Sdn Bhd v Unisoft Sdn Bhd [2009] 1 LNS 1313 / [2010] 8 MLJ 121 (High Court)
  • Mohd. Norkhairi bin Mat Darus v Ketua Polis Negara and Ors [2009] 5 CLJ 483 / [2009] MLJU 192 (High Court)
  • Maizatul Lina Mustapa v Winston Engineering Corp Sdn Bhd [2007] 2 LNS 1530 (Industrial Court)
  • Metro Giant Group Sdn Bhd v Gala Sari Resources Sdn Bhd & Ors (No. 2) [2007] 7 MLJ 52 / [2008] 7 CLJ 579 (High Court)
  • Centralite M & E Engineering Sdn Bhd v Wong Fui Han [2006] 2 LNS 0507 (Industrial Court)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Thailand) v Dato’ Matshah Safuan [2005] 3 CLJ 158 (High Court)
  • PP v Ong Khaik Peng [2016] 1 LNS 219 (High Court)
  • Tan Teck Hing & Anor v Lee Yong Kong & Anor [2003] 5 CLJ 400 (High Court)
  • Public Prosecutor v Nee Siang Yee Kuala Lumpur High Court (Criminal) [45-29- 2003]

Property Transactions

Popularly known as Conveyancing in legal practice, our lawyers have been and continue to be appointed to carry out many property transaction deals. Common deals include sub-sale of properties, tenancy agreements, power of attorney and Property Developer transactions. Amongst our past experiences include :-

  1. Sale and purchase agreement of a land between a conglomerate from China and a large Malaysian property developer.
  2. Tenancy for shopping malls.
  3. Numerous Power of Attorney
  4. Schedule G & Schedule H sale and purchase agreements for property developers.
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