“I want to call my lawyer!”

Written by Richard Wee & Ashley Yip Rights of a detained person under Laws of Malaysia. Introduction “I want to call my lawyer!” seems to be the key phrase uttered by detained persons and etched in the…

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5 Points on the Law of Retrenchment in Malaysia

Written by Richard Wee and Ian Phua Introduction The Covid 19 pandemic has become one of the largest obstacles in the history of mankind. It has disrupted the operation of businesses and it has had a devastating impact on…

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The A-B-C of C.A.S.

Written by Richard Wee. Assisted  by L.Lim and Marlysa Razak.  (First appeared on Richard Wee & Yip’s Blogspot and AIAC (the known as KLRCA) Newsletter in 2015.) What is Sports Law? Sports has evolved from a hobby…

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By Richard Wee, Janessa Kok & Bryan Boo (FIRST PUBLISHED HERE) Photo Credit: “Employer” by Nick Youngson (AlphaStockImages) is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 MALAYSIAN EMPLOYMENT LAW: TOP 5 QUESTIONS Is it true that every individual who has a 9am to 5pm job…

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Medical Boarding Out

By Richard Wee, L.Lim, Janessa Kok, Oh Jia Ling (FIRST PUBLISHED HERE) Employment Law: Medical Boarding Out or Not? Every employee of an employment contract will inadvertently fall ill every now and then. Of course, all employees are entitled…

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