Rights of Probationary Employees (Part 2)

Written by Richard Wee and Kimberly Chan  In our previous article, we looked at the characteristics and the law on Probationary Employment. In this article, we will be taking a look at the rights of a probationary…

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Rights of Probationary Employees (Part 1)

Written by Richard Wee and Sophia Ismail Introduction What is a probationary employee? Odds are, you already know what it is. Many companies include a probationary period in their offer letters for employment. What this usually entails is a…

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Climate Litigation : A Change in Perspective

Written by Darren Lai, Sabrina Lee and Sophia Ismail Climate change is real. We can no longer brush it off as a myth. Apart from growing environmental activism, it is comforting that more corporations are taking the bull…

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ALB Malaysia Sports Law Firm of the Year 2021

Reported by Sabrina Lee  Nominated in 7 categories for the Firm, and 2 Individual categories, RWC takes home the Sports Law Award at the recent ALB Annual Malaysia Law Award 2021. Thomson Reuter’s Asian Legal Business (ALB) holds an…

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Rule 50 Olympic Charter : a force or a farce?

Written by Richard Wee, Sophia Ismail and Sabrina Lee Wei Ling To the world outside of the Olympics, the Olympic Charter (“the Charter”) is akin to a constitution of a nation. It includes, inter alia, recognition of the…

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Year 2021 : Latest Legal Disputes in Esports (Part 3)

Written by Richard Wee and Carmelia Yong Chiu Thung Introduction In our previous articles, we looked at various legal disputes in the gaming and esports industry with regards to contract law, anti-competitive law, intellectual property infringement and class action…

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Minimum Wages and Service Charge

Summary Of The Federal Court Case Of Crystal Crown Hotel & Resort Sdn Bhd v Kesatuan Kebangsaan Pekerja-Pekerja Hotel, Bar & Restoran Semenanjung Malaysia Written by Marlysa Razak and Athirah Jaafar This case had determined the standing of the…

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Contracts in the Hospitality Industry

Written by Marlysa Razak and Brenda Tan Introduction  In the beginning of 2021, the travel industry and community renewed their hopes and dreams that travelling would soon be possible again, especially with the introduction of vaccines for the Covid-19.…

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