Written by Richard Wee, Wong Zi Ying and  Brenda Tan

Sports Development Act 1997 (“SDA 1997”) is an act that promotes and facilitates the development, administration and registration of sports in Malaysia. Under Section 15(1) of SDA 1997, all sports bodies must be registered and approved by the Sports Commissioner Officer in order to carry out any sporting events/activities. Failure to register hinders any sporting activities to be carried out and may attract heavy penalties. Under Section 18 of SDA 1997, the Sports Commissioner has the discretion to approve or reject the registration and/or to modify the requirements for application. 

The registration of sport bodies can be done online through the Sistem Pendaftaran Badan Sukan (eROSA). The eROSA is a system that allows for the registration of sports bodies, application of operation license, the renewal of operational license, application of tournament license, amendment of constitution, application for adjournment of annual general meeting. Every application can be conveniently done by way of uploading the documents on the website, and any updates will be notified to the user through the registered email.

Application Process

The Secretary of the Sports Association must first register as a user before proceeding to register the sports bodies. After the registration as a user of eROSA, the applicant must select “Daftar Badan Sukan”. After filling up the form, an email will be sent to activate the account. Then, once the account is activated, the applicant must enter their Identification Card number and password to log in. With this, the applicant can move on to register the sports body.

To register a sports body, there will be five tabs that need to be completed:-

  • Borang 1

“Borang 1” is an application form which requires applicants to fill up the information of their sports body, such as the state of which the sports body is from, the level of the sports body and the types of sport.

  • Minit Mesyuarat Penaja 

“Minit Mesyuarat Penaja” is the meeting minutes of the pro-tem committee which are required to be uploaded for registration. The meeting minutes must include information such as the details of the meeting, the details of the present pro-tem committee and the motion for approval of the sports body’s constitution. The minutes of the meeting must include information such as the purpose, the expectation, and the support of the members to establish a sports body.

  • Senarai Ahli Jawatankuasa Penaja 

“Senarai Ahli Jawatankuasa Penaja” tab requires the details of at least seven pro-tem committees from different states to be included. This tab must be filled up in order to proceed to the following tab.

  • Perlembagaan

“Perlembagaan” tab which is the Constitution of the Sports Body. In this particular tab, the  constitution of the sports body must be uploaded. 

  • Perakuan 

In the tab of “Perakuan”, the applicant must make an affirmation that all the information provided is true and then submit the application.

Once the application is submitted, the applicant will be directed to fill up the details of their payment. The application fee for a sports body is RM50. The payment of RM50 must be made in the form of postal order. Those who have already made their payment may enter the necessary details during the application.

Applicants may check and/or follow up the status of their application at the homepage menu.

After the consideration of the Sports Commissioner Office, some of the applications may raise certain queries before the Sports Commissioner approves the application. The application will be automatically rejected if the queries were not resolved by the sports body in 45 days. Applicants are encouraged to check the status of the query on the menu page from time to time. 

Successful applications will be notified through the registered email and the status of the application will be updated at the homepage of eROSA under “status pendaftaran”.


As a conclusion, registration of a sport body under the SDA 1997 is a mandatory process to ensure that all the sport events/activities are under the supervision of the Sports Commissioner Office and to protect the interest of the participants in any sport events.


Published on 3 March 2021

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

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